Author Guide

ColomboArts Journal accepts research papers from all areas of the Social Sciences and Humanities. The papers are expected to be of high standard of academic rigor, scholarship and writing. The length of a paper is expected to be no more than 15 typed pages and adhere to the following guidelines.

01) Documents to be submitted

  1. The paper should be typed in MS Word 2003 or 2007 for Windows
  2. The electronic copy of the paper should be submitted through email as an MS Word attachment.

02) Format for typesetting

  1. Paper size: A4 (210 X 297 mm).
  2. Margins: Top, bottom and right margins of 25 mm and a left margin of 30 mm.
  3. Line spacing: 1.5 (18 points) throughout the text.
  4. Length: Length of the manuscript including text, tables, figures and references should not exceed 15 typed pages.

03) General Format

  1. Page numbering: All pages should be sequentially numbered using Arabic numbers.
  2. Font: Arial or Times New Roman Size 12 / Justified
  3. Language/spelling: UK English only.
  4. Title page should include the following information:
  5. Title (less than 50 characters). It should be in bold faced letters of font size 14
  6. Name/s and affiliation/s of author/s.
  7. e-mail address, mailing address and contact numbers of the corresponding author/s.

NOTE: Identify the corresponding author by placing an asterisk after the name.

04) Abstract

  1. Font size 10/ single space
  2. Should be limited to a maximum of 300 words
  3. Up to a maximum of five (05) key words should be identified, arranged in the alphabetical order and included immediately after the abstract.
  4. Abstract should be in italics.

05) Body of Text

    1. The body of text will be determined by the nature and type of the paper.
    2. Reference style APA

06) Tables and Figures

    1. Should be included in the exact place within the text.
    2. Tables should be numbered sequentially using Arabic numbers. The titles should be self-explanatory. Figures should be numbered sequentially using Arabic numbers and be accompanied by a self-explanatory caption, left aligned, of not more than 10 words
    3. Illustrations, line drawings and photographs, if any, should be clear, properly numbered and captioned and ready for reproduction (editable format)
    4. All lettering, graph lines, and points on graphs should be sufficiently large to permit reproduction for inclusion in the Journal.
    5. Lines of maps, artwork, and illustrations should be of appropriate thickness. Please note that thin lines do not reproduce well.

07) Acknowledgements

  1. Based on necessity (Less than 100 words)

08) Acronyms and Abbreviations:

All acronyms/ abbreviations should be written in full at the first appearance.