2017 : Volume 2, Issue I


Invited Paper
Illogicalities between Contraceptive Use and Recent Fertility Dynamics in Sri Lanka
Prof Lakshman Dissanayake
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Dynamic Trends of Intensity of Rainfall Extremes in Sri Lanka.
R.M.S.S.Sanjeewani, Lasantha Manawadu
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The Invisible Reality of Technological Changes in Agriculture in the Postcolonial World: A Discourse Analysis
M.K.L. Irangani, R.P.I.R. Prasanna
Abstract Full Paper
Exploration of Recent Land Use and Land Cover Changes of the Bentota River Basin in Sri Lanka.
Ranjana U.K. Piyadasa, Gayani Ranasinghe
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Causal Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables and Banking Sector Stock Returns: Empirical Evidence from the Colombo Stock Exchange
A.A.M.D. Amarasinghe
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