Illogicalities between Contraceptive Use and Recent Fertility Dynamics in Sri Lanka

Professor Lakshman Dissanayake


Sri Lanka is currently experiencing a rise in Total Fertility Rate (TFR) but no accurate scientific elucidation has hitherto been given in order to demonstrate why such an increase is observed after TFR arrived at the replacement level of fertility. This study shows that older women are left out of discussions on contraceptive use in Sri Lanka and that has made the increase of recent fertility mainly due to the increase of fertility of older women.  Most women in the latter part of the childbearing perceived that they are at a minimum risk of conception because of infrequent sex, and perhaps they are infertile at those ages. In addition, however the increase of fertility by older women in tsunami-affected districts due to fertility adjustment behaviour coupled with the recommencement of the postponed fertility behaviour in the conflict-affected districts with the conclusion of the war could be the other major reasons for the recent fertility increase in Sri Lanka.

Keywords: Fertility, Contraceptive use, Older Women, Total Fertility Rate, Conflict-affected Areas, Tsunami-affected Areas